Easy Gripper 2160 - Standard Gripper pipes

Easy Gripper 2160 - Adjustable Gripper pipes

Easy Gripper Compact for handling of OTR and AGRO tyres.

Easy Gripper Workshop - For workshops and assembling lines.

Stack tires between container-truck-trailer and store houses.

Loading truck and trailer with many tires very simple and fast.

Quick shift between forks-Easy Gripper 2160 and Easy Stacker 1200.

Changing wheel on Straddlecarrier in Antwerpen

Showing the 3 basic functions of the Easy Gripper 2160.

Gripper is mounting wheel on harvester by using a wireless video

Easy Gripper 2160 takes wheel off tractor.

Gripper 2160 with extended arms is moving big tires to tall stacks.

Removing water from big tires with Easy Gripper 2160