Mining Easy Gripper

We develop and manufacture innovative solutions for handling and service OTR tires and wheels in mining industry.

Main benefits of our Mining Tire Manipulator:

  • Unique 3-point grip delivers safe and effective handling, and provides great control when manipulating tires or wheels.
  • Our Tire Manipulator brings substantial time and financial savings across whole range of operations. 
  • Our Tire Handler helps the mining company to get their trucks back to work faster because of our uniquie technology.

Just Easy Tools core value is safety. We strongly believe that workers life is the most important value, and daily challenge for every mining company. When designing our Tire Handler safety has been our main priority. Our Tire Manipulators comply with the highest industry standards such as ISO 13849. The maximum size that our Mining Tire Gripper can handle is up to 70/70-57, or 59/80R63.

Just Easy Tools aim is to have a suitable solution which help you with processes in your daily operation. We would like to support mining companies at all levels - from underground mining, workshop or at-location tire or wheel repairing to handling or servicing medium-sized or huge and heavy OTR tires.

We say at Just Easy Tools: "the largest tire in the world is not a problem for us, it is a challenge."