Easy Gripper Workshop

Ideal solution for workshops and assembling lines

  • The Easy Gripper Workshop is almost identical to the Easy Gripper 2160 and Easy Gripper Compact. The only difference is that the Easy Gripper Workshop is a small and handy solution with a +/- 15 degrees tilt function.
  • Grips, moves, lifts and rotates tires up to 2.160 mm in diameter and 1.000 kg.
  • Designed to operate in WORKSHOPS and at ASSEMBLING LINES with limited space – unique turning radius of only 1.530 mm.
  • Ideal for mounting of wheels and tires.
  • Faster and safer, compared to manual handling or overhead cranes.
  • The 3-point grip ensures a careful and safe handling of expensive tires.
  • The infra-red camera system and a very precise rotation makes it possible for one man to mount and dismount wheels and tires.
  • Provide safe working operations for the operator.

Variants of the product

  • The gripping diameter can be expanded on request
  • Special arms for handling tires with narrow fenders etc.
  • See also Easy Gripper 2160