About us

About us

Just Easy Tools ApS is a Danish developer and manufacturer of solutions for tire or wheel manipulation and service. Our solutions are optimized to be effective, save time and resources as well as improve safety.

Just Easy Tools ApS is a Danish company with head office located in surroundings of Nupark, near Holstebro.

Our mission is to develop and manufacture solutions for tire and wheel manipulation. Our solutions are optimized to save time and resources as well as improve Occupational Health and Safety. Our products are all developed according to the highest standards in the market (DS/EN ISO 13849).

Within this mission we are constantly developing new tools to expand our product range and to satisfy the needs of the market. So if you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We started with our Easy Stacker and Easy Grippers with lifting capacities of about 1 ton. We are following with Easy Carry and Easy Loader with lifting capacities up to 2,4 tons, but with more manual operations to keep the prices down. And we have now also developed and manufactured a giant Gripper to handle the biggest tires and wheels in the world. With this giant Gripper we have shown our capability up to 11 tons with a reach of 3,1 meters and a tire diameter of 4,3 meters. And with the safe 3 point grip as characterize all our Grippers, which has created a new level of safety in the industry. And we are now ready to meet all the requirements between 1 ton and 11 tons.

We use high quality components and suppliers, and everything is tested before delivery. We have customers in most parts of the world, and we do our very best to avoid any claims.

If you should have any interest in our tools, we try to have dealers around the world with demo equipment, where you can see and maybe try our tools. But you are also very welcome to visit us here in Denmark.